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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Thoughts on Wining the * The Cypher King Award & Highlights of "The King of The North" Dance Event..! =)


My Words & Thoughts on Wining the * The Cypher King Award at "The King of The North" (KOTN) Dance Battle Event/Jam thrown by Chicago Tribe & Digital Nativez.. 

" I Came Only with the 😌🙏💭Intention to #BugOut, #Vibe, #Express.., to allow that which is within to ☀Shine 💫Outwardly, ❤Honestly, ✨Openly & 🌟Truthfully..!" - Daniel "BRAVEMONK" Haywood - PHAZE II / Awesome Style Konnection (A.S.K.)
Brave Movement : Chicago / Worldwide...

Felt Good Closing out the Year 2013 on such a Strong Note & Getting Ready to Come into 2014 On an Continually Stronger One..!

Respect, Honor & Props to My Crew "PHAZE II : Crosstown Crew" Representing that Night with One Representative as a Judge (Micah), Another Entering into the Battle & Making it to the Elite 8 (Pete) & Myself (Brave Monk) Taking Home the Cypher King Award..! =D

Big Ups to the Fam & Crew Alkemy for Representing Hard as well, with Excentric & Weezy going Head to Head in The All Styles Dance Battle, Pitting Student against Teacher with Weezy (The Student) being Chosen as the 1st Place Winner & Excentric (The Teacher) taking a Close 2nd..!

Of Course I Can't Forget to Throw some other Highlights which included Shaggy of Rhythm Attack rising from an Under-Dog in the BBoy Scene to throwing some Fire & leaving Noticeable Burns & Marks on the Floor; working his way to the Elite 8 & into the Semi-Finals where he battled against fellow crew-mate Man of God in a pretty close Duel. In the Finals you Had Man of God (Rhythm Attack / Motion Disorders) Vs Evol (Brick Heads / Motion Disorders) which resulted with Evol taking the Win for 1st Place & Man of God taking 2nd Place in the BBoy Category...!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lionsgate Films & Lionsgate Home Entertainment releasing "DREAMS" theMovie in January..!

Good afternoon World.. As stated Here is the Official Trailer LionsGate has released for the Movie I worked on titled "DREAMS" being Released in January.. Please ❤Support & Share this w/at least 10 others & Help Inspire others to Follow their DREAMS ..!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Awesome & Exciting News Coming into the New Year..!!! =D

***** With a Feature in a Published #Book (Out this Month in December),
Choreographic Credits & Featured Dancer in "Dreams" a #Movie being Released by Lions Gate (in Jan), A personal #Dance Profile Feature coming soon on ESPN : Dance (Airing in 12 Countries; 24 Million Viewers) & a Cameo Face Shot on Phife Dawg's {A Tribe Called Quest's} New #Music Video (out Jan/Feb) for the Single #DearDilla off his 4th Coming Solo Album..! ***** I'm Feeling Filled & Blessed with Energy & Light...!!!!